Friday, May 8, 2009

Broga Hill

We wanted to catch the sunrise so I had to leave my house at 4am :(
Pick the others and headed off to Broga. The drive took around 1 hour +.
It was a rather secluded area after Cheras and Kajang if your coming from KL.
If you approach the main road Jalan Semenyih from the North, take a left after you see a Petronas station. (Look out for signs to Rabbit Fun Land as the trail is right opposite it.) After the left turn, go straight on till you see Rabbit Fun Land. You will pass by Nottingham University on your left. opposite Rabbit Fun Land will be a trail amongst the palm oil plantations. There is where the trek up begins. You can turn in to the trail to park.

It is quite exciting hiking in the wee hours of the morning completely in the dark.
One thing to note about the trail is, when you come to a fork you should take the right trail which is rockier and is heading upwards. We sesat to the left one following some noobs and ended up at a dead end :(

I think the hike averages around 1 hour. There are several peaks at Broga but we stopped at the 1st.

Things to prepare :

Mosquito Repellant
Long pants because many lalang there
Torch light

On that road where you pass Nottingham and Rabbit Fun Land, if you go on straight till the end you will see a temple which they say is quite famous "Shi Na Tok" temple. Pretty nice there. One thing you will notice is there are many fruit trees around. Durian, cempedak(nangka? dunno), rambutan, pomelo just growing along the roads.

Now there is another hidden gem at Broga, it is a quaint little lake side restoran serving barbequed fish-in-foils. At the entrance of the temple, turn left into a small road. Go straight on until you reach a bend with a red gate to its left. Turn in there and you will see a nice little kampung feeling lake side restoran. No frills just good ole kampung ambience and good food. Try the extra hot chilli padi fish..syok ohhhhh.

Too bad no pics adi, camera ran out of space. :((

Monday, May 4, 2009

Chilling Falls @ KKB

My 2nd time in Chilling Falls, KKB. Ahhh so nice and peaceful. (Also did last mth, now baru post. Summore so dam short. Lazyyy)

SkyTrex @ Bukit Cahaya!

Woohoooooooo adventure in the high trees! SkyTrex in Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya (or Taman Botani adi now). 

Super syok...after that we even had BBQ there.

Got loads of stuff to do around Bukit Cahaya can go cycling, swimming, four season something and many more I didnt get to try. No time la. But overall it was a wonderful outing.

(So lazy to post la in blog. Simply rite short short one enuff adi. This one I did last mth now baru post :P )