Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sandakan Trip (May 18 - 21) Part 1

We start of with part 1 of the eagerly anticipated Sandakan Journeys. The most amazing experience i had in Sandakan is.....


This wonderful bah kut teh made the whole trip worth while.

Look at this :

The seafood in Sandakan is really really fresh. It seemed to me that every prawn in Sandakan was big ,fat and succulent. The bah kut teh in Sandakan was very peppery. But what made it so great was the individuality of each bah kut teh. Each of the bah kut teh has absorbed the taste of it's main ingredient. The result is distinct heavenly taste for each and every bah kut teh.

For example my favourite Prawn Bah Kut Teh

This soup...WOW! The flavorful peppery soup had already captured
the taste of the prawns. Each spoonful of prawn soup
was an explosion of psychedelic prawny heaven.

Well here's another one. The fish bah kut teh.

The one on the left...is the classic bak.
The one on the right is just meat ball...nth special here

I can confidently say, Sandakan is where i found the best seafood i've had in my LIFE!
Eating this seafood bah kut teh has left an indelible mark in my gastronomic journeys.

Deserving of the legendary 5 out of 5

Monday, August 20, 2007

Restoran Mahabu 19 Aug 2007

Restoran Mahabu - Air Itam

From Masjid Negeri, turn left after Chung Ling. Go on straight and you will see it on your right.
Not sure where to turn in officially. Should be at the traffic lights to Sunshine. :P

Food takes quite some time to prepare. But the result is these :

Kedahsyatan Roti Tisu 786 yg Mengejutkan Extreme

Wah the 1st roti...Roti Tisu 786 looks syok oh. So syok until a little girl at the table next to ours (the cute lil girl in yellow in the pic) keep walking over to stare at it. In the end she pestered her parents until they got her a roti tisu. Hoho...

Roti Galak

Roti Ayam Kurma

This 2 roti leh..i feel not so nice. but still decoration cantik. Ayam kurma i memang dun like the taste of kurma. The other one, roti galak(apa tu?) taste like vege abit. Tak syok.

But this Roti Tisu 786.
Makan until high high like this --->

<--- Take a look at what's inside

Inside that Taj Mahal like roti Tisu is this reddish chicken murtabak-ish erm... roti?
Sedap. The roti Tisu itself leh...crumbly and sugary. RM8 oh.. but worth it.

The floor of the Roti Tisu 786

The innovative Rotis they have is a real novel way to prepare our long beloved mamak classic Roti. Reminds me of Murni SS2. Oh...and got one super RM60 roti they say can feed 10! Must TRY! wat crazy super roti monster! RM60!!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Bukit Tambun Seafood 12 Aug 2007

Prawn Village Seafood
after Bukit Tambun toll exit, turn right at the round about. Go up the flyover.
Go straight on deep inside until u see the Prawn Village sign board on your right.

Ordered Siput Duri, pomfret, Vege, sotong, prawn, lala and bihun.
Total RM116.10

Siput Duri (Chi le in hokkien)

Teknik mencungkil siput duri

Deep fried Sotong

Sedapp... The flour they use is flavored with..erm... wat i think is Kunyit.Nice.

Cheese Prawn

Fuuiyoh...ada cheese. On top of the butterflied prawns are capsicum and some chilli. Then a layer of cheese is put on top. It's different, but the taste is pretty normal.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Sony AU Design Annual dinner and Farewell/Welcome dinner (3rd Aug 07)!

Guess who's the Organizing Chairman and MC? :D
Phew wat a tiring week. At least got these memorable photos

My lovely committee

The 1st Woman to hold my hand *blush*

Me smiling stupidly and Heah heahhhhh

Carry Tai Chek Lou

Tai ka cheah looking beautiful. The dress perfectly accentuates her svelte figure.

Miss best dress and dirty old man

a bevy of beauties


Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Air Itam Bah Kut Teh and Mee Suah Kor

Bah Kut Teh and Mee Suah Kor (night)
Located on the way to Bukit Bendera from Jalan Masjid Negeri. Just before the roundabout. Right beside Maybank and opposite CIMB Bank.

So far of all the bah kut teh i've tasted in Penang, this has got to be the best. The soup is thicker and doesnt taste sweet like most of the horrible Penang style bah kut teh. Oh and it also has Oh Pui (yam rice). And the signboard says it has RABBIT meat as well!!! Must try one day.

The stall beside it has Mee Suah Kor, a type of sharksfin-ish mee suah soup with many "liau". Tastes excellent and very special.

Got nice special food, ok la the bah kut teh...Pass.
Would definitely bring friends here to try.

*will add photos later if get from Alex

4 out of 5