Sunday, December 28, 2008

F-Secure Teambuilding 2008 @ Avillion, PD

This post is 1 month too late.
Lazy la mau post. This is the 1st teambuilding i've ever had, because my prev company sux!

Thats the room

Outside view


Hawaiian Theme Night

Oh My!! Thats my boss in coconut bra!


Hoho...syoknya teambuilding. But they say this one not so syok oh, last year wan more syok. For me better alot then my lame ass prev company! Woohoo!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hokkien Char @ Restoran Ahwa, Jalan 222


If your heading towards KL, turn left right after the car showrooms on Federal Highway. The turn before Asia Jaya .
If you go straight after the turn at the traffic light you will see a Shell station on your right. Turn right at the traffic light and you will see Ahwa Restoran. Its a corner shop.

Hokkien mee at Ahwa restoran Jalan 222. 1 Plate for 2 person RM12 man...kanasai mahal.
But the hokkien mee is really nice. Very flavorful and aromatic. It is abit salty but still acceptable to me. But the best part is the sambal. Fuuh syok. The hokkien mee is nice but when you put the sambal wah lau...superb.

The ee mee normal only lo...nuthin to shout about but i dun mind ordering it. Overall a syok place for hokkien mee, would sure love to come back here again.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cheap Crab @ Tak Fok Restoran, Aman Puri !!

Drive terus till the end of LDP. Remember to keep left after toll. Go on straight till you cant go straight anymore, turn left at the traffic light.

Then you will see a shell and McD on your left. Go on straight at the next traffic light you will passby a shop house area on your left. Tak Fok restoran is NOT at the 1st shop house area, it is at the next one.

RM18 per kg of crab! Ching!!! So cheap! There is a catch though, for every kg of crab you need to order a side dish :(
But overall it is still cheap. We ordered 4kg of crab, taufu, vege, sotong ,fried rice and mantou came up to around RM192. Pretty good i have to say. 1kg is about 3 mid sized crabs.

The most famous flavor would be the salted egg crabs. Can really taste kow kow the salted eggs. But its RM20 per kg for this one though.

We also ordered kam heong and cheese + butter crab.

Kam heong is normal la. But i really like the cheese + butter crab...syok..but messy la. Dip with the mantou memang sedappp.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Eating Weekly : The Latest Eats of the Week

Last week I was completely bz going makan with my friend who just came back from Kangar. Everyday was just makan all that has left me fat, happy and very very broke. Rakuzen, some sushi place that looks like yakuza hideout in Pyramid, Food Foundry at some sesat ulu place in PJ , Pantai Seafood , William's and Shogun. many places i lazy to write in detail. I'll just give the gist of it.


Rakuzen is pretty nice. I reserved for 7 ppl and we even got our own private room which is really cool. Then I wondered how do ppl get the attention of the waiter? (Bcuz the room is private with closed doors). Thats when i heard *clap clap*. Ooh...from what I saw the ppl in the other room just clapped twice to get the waiter's attention.
At first i was quite shy to do that. What if i clap like a sohai and nobody layan me? What if i clap loud loud then everyone in the restoran come in the room and whack me? But phew luckily thats the official way. Budget to eat at this place would probably be around RM 50 ++.

Yakuza Black Sushi Restaurant

Next is sushi again because my friend has a craving for sushi. This time its the yakuza hideout in Pyramid. It's a new place ithink the name was Senyu Japanese Restaurant. It's more of a higher class of sushi, not like Sakae or Sushi King.

See...the sushis also have a longer "syok" part. More generous with their "liu" like the salmon above can see panjang panjang wan.

It's a very nice place but the price is around double that of sushi king.

Food Foundry

The third place is Food Foundry located at a secluded part in Petaling. The food is really completely average. I think their most famous is the multi layer cake called Mille Crepe which i did not know so i didn't order. But it's safe to say the place is nothing super keng...i think it's best benefit is it is very secluded and quiet.

Food Foundry
BG-8, Happy Mansion
Jalan 17/13
Petaling Jaya

Tel No: 03 - 7955 3885

(Address curi from Masak-masak )

Pantai Seafood

Now it's time for seafood!!! CRABS!!! so much CRAB! 2 crabs come about rm35. We had 4 styles (8 crabs).

Butter - Good creamy sauce great with man tou.
Salty egg - fail!
Marmite - fav. here
Pepper and salt - aiks this one ar..i thought just plain with pepper and salt. Turns out got some batter and tastes more like spicy chilli. But not bad la.

We also had this 2 style vege...very nice. Kai lan top half deep fried then bottom steamed i think. Or isit braise? tak tau la

something liddat la. Then got this drunken heah...fuuuuuuuuuuuiyoh syok. The soup oso dam keng. Very nice ,i like.

And now ladies and gentlemen the greatest f*ckup of the night. This f*cking Scotland clam. I was looking for those long shelled clams (bamboo clams?) that I used to order. But i dunno the name. So i tunjuk the waiter i want long shell want. Come out this kanasai one. I thought should be ok one mana tau 7 pieces f*cking RM120!!!! Cilaka...almost same price as 8 crabs leh. Wah lau eh
... kek sim ar kek sim!! It is nice but really don't think worth RM120 lo. Haihhh SHIT!

William's Italian Mamak

Nextup is the usual fav. William's mamak. This time we tried Sotong Bang Bang, Triple H sandwich and the pizza.

Sotong Bang Bang - not to my liking. Its in kind off a chilli tomato sauce with seafood and sotong. I was expecting the sotong to be stuffed with cheese ker or sumting. But fail la for me.

Triple H sandwich - basically just some bread with meat then pattaya it.

The pizza - fuuwah...the topping overflowing like giler. Need spoon to scoop the pizza up..all the liu dropping here and there.Syok.

They also hav indomee bacon and cordon bleu salmon.


Our final stop is Shogun buffet at Pyramid. The thing about buffet is, ppl feel like they need to eat back enough to cover cost.
So thats abit not so stylo. Food should be enjoyed not forced down your mouth to make shit out ur ass. So for me buffet's lackthat kind of elegance and class. Well then you ask, why not just enjoy it slowly la. Buffets you actually pay alot. So there will always be this feeling that I need to eat my money's worth. So i think buffet's are really not my style.

But anyway Shogun had a pretty extensive selection. These are the 2 plates that i took. The sashimi surprisingly not nice. I thought sashimi is just a piece of meat...all taste same one. I was wrong. This one does taste like sashimi but...its probably the freshness, but i think its also a large part because of the way it was cut. The cuts of meat were not..hmm how do you describe it?
Just not comfortably bite size. (Suang kou?) The price was RM55++. But to be honest i'd take any decent sushi restaurants over buffet here anytime.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Luna Bar @ near Jalan P Ramlee

This place is located in Menara PanGlobal near KLCC. To park right infront costs RM10. Yikes. Thats where the "jockeys" are.
Theres a special secret way to go up to Luna Bar .
1st you hafto take a lift to 20 sumting floor. Then hafto go dunno where to change lift. Then naik to 30 sumting then hafto take tangga up. Fuuh dam complex. But can ask the guard for directions.

But Wow the ambiance in this place is superb. Its located on the roof of PanGlobal, with a breathtaking view of the KL city lights. And its quiet and secluded just the perfect place to just hang out and chat. Or maksiat.

I went with my dear Oo Oo and Heah Heah. And they make me finish this GIANT cup of dunno wat name drink with vodka. Ah yes its called the "Frozen Space Cookie" (RM29). Make me mabuk only. But my drink much nicer than theirs. :D

Level 34, Menara Pan Global,
Lorong P Ramlee, Off Jalan P. Ramlee,
50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: 23327777

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Heng Kee Bah Kut Teh @ PJ Old Town

Jalan 1/10,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Jeng jeng jeng!!! What special style of bah kut teh is this?
I have only seen bah kut teh like this once in Sandakan.
All the different types of dishes are separated. This way each bowl of soup absorbs the character of the content.

But the taste is just OK la. Different style abit lo. But i think abit mahal oso here.
Forgot how much but abit more than normal.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Loong Foong Roast Duck @ Tmn Mayang

Loong Foong Seafood

*Yea its Loong Foong seafood restaurant but its famous for the duck.

This roast duck really sedap oh. The skin is really nice and when you put it in your mouth the flavor melts perfectly with the meat. 3 of us could finish an entire duck! but wah after tat can really feel heartattack coming.

Anyway highly recommended. Would sure like to have this again next time

Monday, July 21, 2008

Damansara Village Steamboat

Chiu Kap LIVE PRAWNS Steamboat!!!

A friend brought me to this seafood steamboat place that serves super LIVE seafood. Din expect really super LIVE wan the prawns. Can see at about 1:00 into the video the prawns twitching in the hot water. Kesian. When the prawns just came lagi twitchy, this was after about half an hour.

Best thing is, its also halal. Can bring my malay friends.

Japanese Escargots @ SS2 Wai Sek Kai

Escargots at a hawker stall? Boleh makan o not wan?

This stall is located at SS2 wai sek kai and it sells all kinds of seafood. So when i saw these escargots crawling around in the aquarium I had to try it.

The Na Yau sauce was very nice, kinda like a milder sweeter version of the western style escargot sauce. The escargot meat was just OK, kinda tough but not bad.
Definitely a very interesting meal.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Kanching Falls @ 05 July 2008

Kanching Falls KL
Kanching is located just after Templer's Park.
It boasts 6 or 7 levels of waterfalls.
To get there just head towards Templer's, don't take the U-turn to Templer's. Go straight on until the next U-turn at a traffic light. The turn to Kanching falls will be on your left.

Level 4 Falls

Posing at level 4 falls

After a short hike,we stopped to swim at level 4. We could have gone on but there was some joker in our group we have to wait for.

I explored abit and found the 5th level falls just abit further from the 4th. This is a majestic fall. It was huge, just long and sprawling. It was at a i guess 35 degree angle all the way up.
The sad thing was got some blardy Indian jokers there bathing in oil. Yuck..geli.

chilling at the 5th Fall

Fuuh...smoking is cool.

Man i love waterfalls, it's just so relaxing. Its just so sad to see there are many uneducated ppl in Malaysia that continue to litter and spoil this wonderful gift of nature. So far all the falls i've been to theres always shit at the bottom. Garbage of the thrash of society. Sigh...

Monday, July 7, 2008

Salmon with Creamy Fettucine and Cheesy Garlic Bread

Salmon with Creamy Fettucine

Salmon is such a wonderful fish, its pretty much the beef steak of fishes. Just like steak it doesnt need to be thoroughly cooked. Hell it can even be eaten raw. But what i've learnt here is

1. Always pat dry before marinating
2. Always thoroughly defrost before cooking.

Failure to do the above can lead to super dangerously pop-py cooking experience.
It can also lead to the outer layers becoming burnt before the insides can be thoroughly cooked.

The creamy fettucine here is a variation of the carbonara i did the previous week.
Here what i used is butter, loads of garlic, cheese and mushroom.

and here's what i learned this week.

3. Mushrooms actually take quite a bit of time to cook.
4. Al dente pasta is freaking hard to achieve.

Cheesy Garlic Bread

Now this one turned out really good.
I got the recipe from HERE
What I did was first, sweat some garlic and olive oil in a pan.
Then pour it over a block of butter.
Then i applied this garlic butter on the bread, add freshly grated cheese...and Ching!

Wonderful garlic bread with oozing oodles of cheese. Mamamia!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Alcohol Tolerance Training

Well I've always had horrible tolerance for alcohol. So to start my special alcohol tolerance training, I got this Pelican fruity alcoholic drink.

It tastes really nice. But i still got super red after drinking it. :(
It's 5% only man. Sigh...memalukan

But this is a really good drink to get girls drunk with :P
It doesnt taste strongly alcoholic just fruity.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Barbeque @ Milennium Square

I had a wonderful BBQ last week at colleague's condo.
And what's great about this BBQ is that i get to plan it :D

So you know this aint no normal BBQ party.
So far, the BBQs I've been to only has the normal chicken and sausages.

But ladies and gent, this one is different.
First we have steak, beautifully marinated by me. And we have kebabs. And we have Portobello mushrooms. And we even have an insane salad with about a thousand ingredients. Oh and big tilapia fishs cooked to perfection by my friend. Nicee..

A few things i've learned in this BBQ ,

1. My marinade is simple and is meant for high quality steak meat. BBQ steak should be cheaper with stronger marinades.

2. Cream cheese aint that nice.

3. Mushrooms are really juicy.

4. Kebab is really popular at BBQs. Everyone loves to make their own kebab. But of course the best kebab like in the pic below can only have been made by one man. Mua. :D

After the bbq we went to colleagues condo for some karaoke.
What a wonderful night....too bad forget to take more photos :(