Monday, July 21, 2008

Damansara Village Steamboat

Chiu Kap LIVE PRAWNS Steamboat!!!

A friend brought me to this seafood steamboat place that serves super LIVE seafood. Din expect really super LIVE wan the prawns. Can see at about 1:00 into the video the prawns twitching in the hot water. Kesian. When the prawns just came lagi twitchy, this was after about half an hour.

Best thing is, its also halal. Can bring my malay friends.

Japanese Escargots @ SS2 Wai Sek Kai

Escargots at a hawker stall? Boleh makan o not wan?

This stall is located at SS2 wai sek kai and it sells all kinds of seafood. So when i saw these escargots crawling around in the aquarium I had to try it.

The Na Yau sauce was very nice, kinda like a milder sweeter version of the western style escargot sauce. The escargot meat was just OK, kinda tough but not bad.
Definitely a very interesting meal.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Kanching Falls @ 05 July 2008

Kanching Falls KL
Kanching is located just after Templer's Park.
It boasts 6 or 7 levels of waterfalls.
To get there just head towards Templer's, don't take the U-turn to Templer's. Go straight on until the next U-turn at a traffic light. The turn to Kanching falls will be on your left.

Level 4 Falls

Posing at level 4 falls

After a short hike,we stopped to swim at level 4. We could have gone on but there was some joker in our group we have to wait for.

I explored abit and found the 5th level falls just abit further from the 4th. This is a majestic fall. It was huge, just long and sprawling. It was at a i guess 35 degree angle all the way up.
The sad thing was got some blardy Indian jokers there bathing in oil. Yuck..geli.

chilling at the 5th Fall

Fuuh...smoking is cool.

Man i love waterfalls, it's just so relaxing. Its just so sad to see there are many uneducated ppl in Malaysia that continue to litter and spoil this wonderful gift of nature. So far all the falls i've been to theres always shit at the bottom. Garbage of the thrash of society. Sigh...

Monday, July 7, 2008

Salmon with Creamy Fettucine and Cheesy Garlic Bread

Salmon with Creamy Fettucine

Salmon is such a wonderful fish, its pretty much the beef steak of fishes. Just like steak it doesnt need to be thoroughly cooked. Hell it can even be eaten raw. But what i've learnt here is

1. Always pat dry before marinating
2. Always thoroughly defrost before cooking.

Failure to do the above can lead to super dangerously pop-py cooking experience.
It can also lead to the outer layers becoming burnt before the insides can be thoroughly cooked.

The creamy fettucine here is a variation of the carbonara i did the previous week.
Here what i used is butter, loads of garlic, cheese and mushroom.

and here's what i learned this week.

3. Mushrooms actually take quite a bit of time to cook.
4. Al dente pasta is freaking hard to achieve.

Cheesy Garlic Bread

Now this one turned out really good.
I got the recipe from HERE
What I did was first, sweat some garlic and olive oil in a pan.
Then pour it over a block of butter.
Then i applied this garlic butter on the bread, add freshly grated cheese...and Ching!

Wonderful garlic bread with oozing oodles of cheese. Mamamia!