Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Heah Chien and Ban Chang Kueh @ Super Tanker 11 Nov 2007

Heah Chien

Oh Chien but with Heah!!!! A very rare dish. But woah siao nice lo. RM6 .

Ban Chang Kueh

The famous Aki Pancake. This one is banana and chocolate...wooo sugar rush

Both available at the famous Super Tanker Bayan Lepas


Monday, November 12, 2007

Lorong Selamat 12 Nov 2007

Char Koay Teow

Location : Along lorong Selamat, perpendicular to Jalan Macalister. Oh...and the CKT stall is now it's own shop. Just abit down where it used to be.

Ladies and gentlemen, the one and only......Lorong Selamat CKT!

Now the price for besar wan is RM7.50 sial. But once in awhile come makan this ok la. The aroma that can only be achieved by the charcoal stove is heavenly. The taste is just at the right strength for me. The aroma and the perfect kuay teow is already enough to make it the best i've ever had. But tambah with the huge succulent prawns, fuuh unbeatable.

4.5 out of 5

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Special Wan Tan Mee @ Pulau Tikus

Special Wan Tan Mee

Location : In the shop opposite Pulau Tikus Police Station. If you look at it from the police station it is the shop on your right.

I don't eat much wan tan mee. But this one is quite special, the chap is like that of sar hor fun.

3.5 out of 5

Octopus/CKT and Rojak Lok Lok 02 Nov 2007

Too Boh Sooi (Octopus)

Location : At jalan Kampung Gajah(i think) on mainland. Same road as Dewan Haji Ahmad Badawi. Beside Cathay/ Star Screen cinema. Open night (7 ~ 8ish)
Just one stall, selling octopus and ckt.

Octopus. My first time eating. Looks alot like sotong. Simply steamed and served with chilli. Very nice.

The CKT sold at the same stall was marvellous. The "wok hei" memang kow kow. Really liked it.

4 out of 5

Rojak Lok Lok

Location : Near the Dewan Haji Ahmad Badawi. Just directly across the entrance of pejabat kesihatan Seberang Prai. From the entrance it would be the stall on your left.

Special fruit rojak where u pick sticks of fruits like lok lok style, and dip it into rojak sauce.
Very novel and nice.

4 out of 5

Tomyam at Bayan Lepas 09 Nov 2007

Bangkok Tomyam

Location : Hmm..susah ni. If ur heading towards airport from Bayan Lepas,go on the flyover to Teluk Kumbar (This is at the roundabout where u turn left to the airport). At the 1st traffic light after the flyover, make a U Turn. After the U Turn, take ur 1st left. Do not go back on the flyover. Bangkok Tomyam is the shop on ur left.

Jie jie and her coach hand bag

- Fish
- Ayam Kunyit
- Sayur Campur
- Telur Bungkus
- Tomyam

Splendid. The tomyam is just splendid. I think i ate 3 plates of rice. This is the type of tomyam i really like. The other dishes are also nice. Overall a wonderful dinner. For 5 ppl it comes out to approx RM60.

3.5 out of 5

Alor Setar Trip 08 Nov 2007


Special Alor Setar kai si mee. The sauce is not black like wan tan mee, but a simple clear sauce. Probably prepared with just salt and fried onion. Simple yet delicious.


Nothing special, just ordered dishes. The only thing worth mentioning is this plate of shark in the plate below. Novel, but not especially delicious.

Afternoon Activities

Mahathir's Birth Place

Menara Alor Setar

Sumting Garden

A nice garden with many things on display. Stone carvings, wood sculptures, rocks and various animals. With wild running mountain goats as well!

Oh come on... surely you can guess this island!

Woah..can make giant handbag with this

Can eat this drumstick syok lo


For dinner, we had seafood at Kuala Perlis.

The small signboard that took us half an hour to find


Ah..the ever present sotong goreng

Black Pepper Lai Liu Ha

The not so "Kam Heong" Kam Heong Crab

The seafood i have to say is nothing spectacular. In my opinion Bukit Tambun seafood tastes better. Not worth the trip. Also the crab meat irritatingly sticks to the shell making it unpleasant to extract.

But oh well, it was a nice little one day outing to Alor Setar. Oh and Kuala Perlis and Bukit Kayu Hitam. And what a really pleasant surprise to get "Da Hong Pao" tea from Doe's mum. Thank you aunty!


Yam Rice at Lebuh Katz 09 Nov 2007

Yam Rice

Location : Corner lot at Lebuh Katz - Lebuh Mac Nair junction. Diagonally opposite a school (Beng Hong i think).

Cheap and wonderful yam rice. I ordered :
- Tau Iu Bak ( fat but sedapppp)
- Bak Kie (soup with some kinda bak)
- Pork Feet Soup (mmm..nice. They have many other soups, the one i want, Tu Tor wasnt available)
- Loh Egg x 3
- Cabbage
- Yam Rice x 3

Total : RM13.60 !!! Woohoo, murah giler.
Can recommend friends to come here.

4 out of 5

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Circling Penang Island

Stop 1

Titi Kerawang Waterfall

1st we set off from Bayan Lepas, through Balik Pulau and end up here in Titi Kerawang

The sign board stole the limelight

Mmmm....relaxing waterfall. Water sejuk sejuk...syok.

Woohooo sliding down the rocks. Shud haf take video :P

Oooooh...What a rush!

Gaya. Mutu. Keunggulan.

Stop 2

Teluk Bahang Dam

Reach here too late liao. Nothing to see.

Stop 3

End Of The World Restaurant

Seafood..glorious cholesterol laden seafood!!!

The ubiquitous sotong goreng

Rm 50 sumting "Tau Tey"

Woohoo...curry Crab

Ah...fav "kong"

Wah lau eh... perfect peeled "kong". Best.

To be able to peel the claws perfectly as the pic above, the crab meat must not stick to the shell. I've eaten some crabs that have their meat stuck to the shell making crab eating a teeth gritting, hair pulling, stress inducing activity.

Stop 4

Batu Feringgi DVD

Beli justice Pao DVD for mummy only.

Stop 5

Supper at Subaidah near Gurney

Just because i want drink Teh Peng.

- The End -


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Heh Bee and the Lobster

They say women love decisive men.
I say if a man can decide easily for u, he's a player.

If he decides fast, ur just heh bee too and easy. If he takes his time and really thinks it through, ur his lovely lobster.

For me, the less time i spend thinking , the less i care.
If u c me deciding fast, i dun give a damn.

Some ppl say, "Ur theory is screwed. I've known my BF for 7 years now. I think he decides pretty fast, does tat mean he doesnt care?"
Well, he's been thinking about u for 7 years! Of course he can decide a bit faster.

But i honestly think if ur NEW bf can decide a gift for u in no time at all...he doesnt care. At all.
I dun think guys like heh bee easy women...if a girl doesnt make me think hard how to please not so interested.

Hmm...but then again, if i cared less then i'd b more decisive. And women like decisive.

*note to self : go get "How To Not Care Too Much And Start Being A Man for Dummies"


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pavillion at Bukit Bintang

Woah this place ar....filthy rich bastards go wan
Siao eh...everyone walking around empty handed.
All boh lui shopping.

Yo! Sushi
So in this filthy rich bastard's mall we went to try the Yo! Sushi restoran
walaueh..also kie siao price.
Cheapest plate rm3 most mahal rm16

The very blur blur photo of the plate prices

Those cheap cheap sushi RM3 lo. But those tat look nice n u wanna eat RM5 or 8 like tat.
The RM3 cheap sushi

The nicer sushi that i want to eat but my meager income can only afford 1 plate

Delicious seafood yakisoba. Rm14 oh

Firecracker Fried Rice..sweet n sour-ish...not my fancied taste

Luckily i not hungry tat day. If not...chiak sai
But a plus is the miso soup (RM5) and green tea(lupa..RM3 kua) has unlimited refill.

My Lunch : SoftShell Crab

J & Co Donuts
Well, at least there was a really nice donut shop there called J & Co. Wah the line long giler. When it was my turn, hafto wait (again!) patiently for the staff to replenish the stock of nicer donuts. But it was worth the wait. The donuts were really nice.

Donut heaven

This donut wasn't filling and is easy to eat. The dough is lighter and not as thick which makes every bite flavorful. This is unlike other breads or donuts that always has a part that feels like all your eating is plain bread.