Monday, April 5, 2010

Conquered Mount Kinabalu!!!

Mount Kinabalu - 4095m
The summit known as Low's Peak I can proudly say I have conquered.

My journey began at the Mesilau Nature Resort. This Mesilau Trail starts higher than the other trail, Timpohon but is 2KM longer. The reason is because Mesilau trail goes down then comes back up and intersects the Timpohon trail with approx. 2 more KM to Laban Rata. The Mesilau trail in total is around 8.7KM from Laban Rata, while the Timpohon trail is 6.7KM away. Mesilau is the scenic route so I took my time enjoying the hike and the accompanying breathtaking views. I made it to Laban Rata in a decent 6.5hours.


It's freaking cold. Temperature is on average 8 degrees! I stayed at Gunting Lagadan which is another 5mins hike upwards from Laban Rata. The worst part about Gunting Lagadan is, when I was there, there was no electric!!! So at around 7pm-ish everyone was walking around with headlights on. And damnnnn bathing is hard. The water is freezing cold, no heater. So you have to boil your own bath water. After you get the boiling water there is another problem, NO PAIL! Only one freaking small one in the toilet. So I filled it up, bathe halfway, badan all sabun then the water finish. Shitz! Have to stand there freezing reload the pail.


At 230am I started my dark, cold journey to the summit. At first catching my breath was difficult. The unkindly cold winds and the high altitude makes breathing really laboured. But it was amazing to see clearly, in all its glory, the starry night skies. Being above the clouds and away from city lights, staring up into the universe was mesmerizing. Endless stars dotted the black skies, a sight few from the cities will ever see. Hiking on the plain granite rocks almost constantly steeply angled, I look forward to rest stops as I get the chance to lay down and stare at the picture perfect skies. As the tinge of day starts to creep up on the horizon, the winds grew fierce and lashed at my face like icy whips. I can feel my face getting number with each gust of wind. Finally after 3hours that felt like eternity, Low's Peak was in sight! I raced the sun to the peak, and at 550am i stood at the top of the world. the sun majestically rising to greet me. I have done it! Mount Kinabalu - conquered!

This sight shall forever be seared in my mind, looking at the clouds below rolling across the neighboring peaks, the sun bathing all I see in an orange glow, I am like a God looking down upon my kingdom! I am overwhelmed by the sense of achievement, that I am fit enough to reach the peak without any problems. This is truly one of the most treasured moments of my life.