Saturday, June 28, 2008

Alcohol Tolerance Training

Well I've always had horrible tolerance for alcohol. So to start my special alcohol tolerance training, I got this Pelican fruity alcoholic drink.

It tastes really nice. But i still got super red after drinking it. :(
It's 5% only man. Sigh...memalukan

But this is a really good drink to get girls drunk with :P
It doesnt taste strongly alcoholic just fruity.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Barbeque @ Milennium Square

I had a wonderful BBQ last week at colleague's condo.
And what's great about this BBQ is that i get to plan it :D

So you know this aint no normal BBQ party.
So far, the BBQs I've been to only has the normal chicken and sausages.

But ladies and gent, this one is different.
First we have steak, beautifully marinated by me. And we have kebabs. And we have Portobello mushrooms. And we even have an insane salad with about a thousand ingredients. Oh and big tilapia fishs cooked to perfection by my friend. Nicee..

A few things i've learned in this BBQ ,

1. My marinade is simple and is meant for high quality steak meat. BBQ steak should be cheaper with stronger marinades.

2. Cream cheese aint that nice.

3. Mushrooms are really juicy.

4. Kebab is really popular at BBQs. Everyone loves to make their own kebab. But of course the best kebab like in the pic below can only have been made by one man. Mua. :D

After the bbq we went to colleagues condo for some karaoke.
What a wonderful night....too bad forget to take more photos :(

Monday, June 16, 2008

Nice Carbonara!

Yey..finally a successful carbonara!

The one most important thing i've learned is, never use those ready grated powder cheese.
I grated my own high quality cheese and jeng jeng jeng!

A nice tasty carbonara.

There is one extra special ingredient courtesy of my colleague, add mushroom cream (the campbell wan).

Now that i know why my previous creations have failed (blardy cheap powdered cheese), god knows how many more cheesy dishes i will be making.