Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Heh Bee and the Lobster

They say women love decisive men.
I say if a man can decide easily for u, he's a player.

If he decides fast, ur just heh bee too him..cheap and easy. If he takes his time and really thinks it through, ur his lovely lobster.

For me, the less time i spend thinking , the less i care.
If u c me deciding fast, i dun give a damn.

Some ppl say, "Ur theory is screwed. I've known my BF for 7 years now. I think he decides pretty fast, does tat mean he doesnt care?"
Well, he's been thinking about u for 7 years! Of course he can decide a bit faster.

But i honestly think if ur NEW bf can decide a gift for u in no time at all...he doesnt care. At all.
I dun think guys like heh bee easy women...if a girl doesnt make me think hard how to please her..ermm..im not so interested.

Hmm...but then again, if i cared less then i'd b more decisive. And women like decisive.

*note to self : go get "How To Not Care Too Much And Start Being A Man for Dummies"


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pavillion at Bukit Bintang

Woah this place ar....filthy rich bastards go wan
Siao eh...everyone walking around empty handed.
All boh lui shopping.

Yo! Sushi
So in this filthy rich bastard's mall we went to try the Yo! Sushi restoran
walaueh..also kie siao price.
Cheapest plate rm3 most mahal rm16

The very blur blur photo of the plate prices

Those cheap cheap sushi RM3 lo. But those tat look nice n u wanna eat RM5 or 8 like tat.
The RM3 cheap sushi

The nicer sushi that i want to eat but my meager income can only afford 1 plate

Delicious seafood yakisoba. Rm14 oh

Firecracker Fried Rice..sweet n sour-ish...not my fancied taste

Luckily i not hungry tat day. If not...chiak sai
But a plus is the miso soup (RM5) and green tea(lupa..RM3 kua) has unlimited refill.

My Lunch : SoftShell Crab

J & Co Donuts
Well, at least there was a really nice donut shop there called J & Co. Wah the line long giler. When it was my turn, hafto wait (again!) patiently for the staff to replenish the stock of nicer donuts. But it was worth the wait. The donuts were really nice.

Donut heaven

This donut wasn't filling and is easy to eat. The dough is lighter and not as thick which makes every bite flavorful. This is unlike other breads or donuts that always has a part that feels like all your eating is plain bread.


Tai Thong Imperial China at SS17

Luxurious Chinese Dishes

The interior of Tai Thong

Fuuiyoh....waiter calling thingie

And now, lets look at the glorious dishes

8 Happiness Luxurious Tofu

Giant Scallops with dunno apa Vege

Super Crazy Mahal RM128 Cod Fish

Honey Prawns

Not So Nice Hot Plate Venison

And the price ppl..... OMFG RM396.40 !!!
siao liao...pok kai liao me

lazee to comment byk. Anyways in my opinion such luxurious Chinese dishes shud b eaten one by one like the courses offered. This one i ordered ala carte all..so..some cold adi lose the kehebatan.
Anyways, Tai Thong food has always been super expensive n sedap.

So, 4 out of 5

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Mizi Bistro at New World Park 6 Oct 07

Lobster Thermidor

Location : Mizi Bistro, New World Park at Swatow Lane. You cant miss it, New World Park is that big new fancy foodcourt at Swatow.

Wawawiwa...lobster oooh.
RM36++ for a set. One drink, 1 soup of your choice, main course and dessert.

Nooo....I am not Campbell.

For starters I had this mushroom soup. Now this is not your usual taste-like-Campbell soup. They actually cooked this soup themselves. Lovely, actually tastes abit like the one i cooked myself teehee.

And now, ladies and gentlemen...oh my god...ooh la la the grand lobster!


The Lobster Thermidor...fuuuiyoh..syok giler. I'm guessing its baked la, i dunno. But mm..the smoky aroma of baked seafood shell, fused with the rich cheesy sauce melting perfectly with the oh so grand and wonderful lobster meat...heaven. Well worth the price.
My sources tell me this lobster is called Slipper Lobster, and is the cheaper types around.
Lobster Thermidor refers to the name of the dish. It is creamy , cheesy lobster meat served in its shell.

4.5 out of 5