Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Byebye Penang - Day 3

My Fav CKT

Koak Kak and Chee Cheong Fun

I've wanted to taste this koak kak for a long time. It's located at lorong Macalister off Jalan Burma. When i finally got the chance, i feel maybe i've put too much expectations.

It was ok la..nice la. I think the Batu Lanchang want is nicer though.

Chee Cheong Fun is also famous but i dun like chee cheong fun wan so no comment.

Khoo Kongsi

Siu Yeh fan lei la!!!

One of 5 hokkien clans around Penang. The story mentions that this clanhouse was even more magnificent when it was 1st built. It says that the first original clan house was mysteriously burnt down on CNY eve. The clan members believed that the clan house was too majestic and extravagant that it has angered the gods. Thus they rebuilt it with less splendour than before.

People of ancient times use this hand shape stick as a remote.
Lazy change channel..just take this stick and change.

Siu Yeh looking around his mansion

Three brothers meet Zhuge Liang?

My Favorite Lorong Selamat CKT

I've reviewed this before here. Till this day still the best i've ever had.

Apong Guan

Famous apong near GreenHouse at Jalan Burmah. I think it's amazing that in this day and age can still find such cheap and tasty snack. Mmmm....inside got jagung, got banana. Syok.

Bukit Genting

To get to Bukit Genting you need to take a turn located somewhere between Teluk Kumbar and Balik Pulau. The signboard is very clear.But you better have a car with enough power to pull you up this insanely steep slopes.
Wah lau zoo. Got gori.

Got crocodile. Oh my balls!!

Got snake. This one real one leh!!

The view here is magnificent.The food is OK but the main reason one would dine here is for the view.

Deep Fried Vege. Syok.

Chicken Padprik i think. So-so only.

Otak otak. Fail la.

Ok la. Pass.

Woah so syok..their toilet design like fountain wan.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Byebye Penang - Day 2

Journey To The South

Balik Pulau Siam Laksa

I started out in the late afternoon, 1st destination, Balik Pulau Siam Laksa.
It did not disappoint. This lemak version of asam laksa is a nice and refreshing change from the usual asam kind.

Elusive Balik Pulau Pao

This famous pao is hard to find. It is sold on a truck that travels along a road in balik pulau. SO i had to ask around town before i could find this guy.

The paos are well...not as nice as i thought it would be. Seeing as how difficult it is to look for it, i had high expectations. But..turns out so-so only ler.

Brown Sugar Pao

Tai Pao

Titi Kerawang Waterfall

The trip to this waterfall was a disappointing one. The waterfall has all dried up, whether this is permanent or seasonal i do not know.
Kanasai..dunno which kurang ajar ppl dirty the place

Salwa Mee Udang

But bcuz of the disappointing waterfall, I decided to explore Teluk Kumbar. So i ended up here at Salwa Mee Udang. And the view was spectacular. With a backdrop of a quaint fishing village and a long long pier the environment is amazing.

The food on the other RM12 for a plate of mee udang wif about 5 big big prawns.

But the prawns taste like they keep it in the toilet bowl and feed it shit. Come bring ppl u hate here. Its almost like making them eat shit.

Hai Boey Seafood

Dinner was at a place with an equally nice view near Gertak Sanggol.The food was delicious.
Lai liu ha kung pow style..the ha is not overpowered by the sauce. You can still taste that fresh lai liu ha flavor.

The Tung Por Yok is my first time eating this and it was great. It comes with mantous that you dip in the sauce and eat with the meat.

The steamfish is their signature dish, cooked in claypot. Its good that it doesnt have that fishy soily taste.

The crab was also pretty special, butter thai flavor. 1st time trying oso. Tis place is definitely very nice, nice view and has a very nice unique menu. Not so typical and boring.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Byebye Penang - Day 1

Day 1 started with a simple lunch at Sri Weld Foodcourt. This foodcourt is most famous for 2 items : The beef koay teow and the nasi lemak.

I've reviewed this beef koay teow before when i visited the branch infront of the Bomba. This one felt to me less tasty as the 1st. If i wanted beef koay teow i think i'd rather go back there.

As for the nasi was excellent. For just RM1.20 i got this delicious spicy nasi lemak. Definitely worth every cent.


1.2nd Hand Books @ ChowRhasta Market Chowrhasta bazaar 2nd hand book store. Burn RM60 here for 3 books. Hopefully I'll find the time to read them.

2.Cendol @ Lebuh Keng Kwee Cendol, no not a big fan of cendol.

3.Kek Seng @ Penang Road Kek seng ice cream....mmmmm...sedap. Kek Seng is most famous for its homemade ice creams, especially the durian ice cream. Its not in season now so...not available. *sigh* Makan jagung wan only.

4. Chocolate Boutique @ Lebuh Leith Wandering around aimlessly not knowing wat to do. I ended up the Chocolate boutique at Lebuh Leith. Not a good idea...i used up rm200+ on chocolates!!! Nooooooooo!!!
Not good for a man unemployed for half a month.

It's hard to resist the temptation as a friendly guide takes me to room after room of chocolates. Letting me sample each and every one. Got creamy la..fruity la..durian la...CHILLI oso got?! kanasai. How to dun buy?

Passby Cheong Fatt Tze mansion oso. RM12 to see some long dead rich fella's house..siao meh. Malas go in.

That day dam hot...tengah jalan got ppl terus bathe

Dinner was the most pleasant surprise I had this whole day. Under the advice of my beautiful jiejie, I went to eat at this shop in Air Itam. It's beside the Nissan show room along Jalan Air Itam. I forget the name but it's NOT Bee Hooi.

I ordered the fish beehoon like Jiejie recommended. It was Superb!! the soup rich with fish flavor, the deep fried fish cutlets fresh and juicy. Very nice. I like. But then..suddenly sumting caught my eye. Holy Crap!!! HEAH CHIEN!!! HEAHHHH CHIENNNN!!!!!!!!

Ho jiak giler!! mai siao siao!!!


Since I'm mostly concerned only with the food in Penang, i never really toured Penang. So, I took this chance to visit Kek Lok Si. This is my very 1st time here during CNY. I did not know it looked so beautiful during CNY nights. Wow.

But of course,the most memorable thing today is my fav Heah Chien.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Simple Bliss

This day would have been like any other day. But the outcome of your day is determined by the company you keep. And because of that, today felt special for me. It is not often that i get a day like this. It was not as if something happened, but it was enough for me that we got to spend the day together alone. Oh what a simple man I am, a simple bliss from a simple act. We had lunch, we had dinner and we just walked around.

Well the day ended with this wonderful dinner at L.J. Cafe in Prangin Mall. What I had is the Sirloin steak and French onion soup. Steak is OK la..biasa la. Soup syok lo.

The broccoli soup( eeew! ) no comment. Teriyaki Chicken, well i dun like sweet meat.

But aaah.....what a wonderful day :))