Saturday, July 19, 2008

Kanching Falls @ 05 July 2008

Kanching Falls KL
Kanching is located just after Templer's Park.
It boasts 6 or 7 levels of waterfalls.
To get there just head towards Templer's, don't take the U-turn to Templer's. Go straight on until the next U-turn at a traffic light. The turn to Kanching falls will be on your left.

Level 4 Falls

Posing at level 4 falls

After a short hike,we stopped to swim at level 4. We could have gone on but there was some joker in our group we have to wait for.

I explored abit and found the 5th level falls just abit further from the 4th. This is a majestic fall. It was huge, just long and sprawling. It was at a i guess 35 degree angle all the way up.
The sad thing was got some blardy Indian jokers there bathing in oil. Yuck..geli.

chilling at the 5th Fall

Fuuh...smoking is cool.

Man i love waterfalls, it's just so relaxing. Its just so sad to see there are many uneducated ppl in Malaysia that continue to litter and spoil this wonderful gift of nature. So far all the falls i've been to theres always shit at the bottom. Garbage of the thrash of society. Sigh...

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syioknya, but no n\bikini gals.....haha