Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bukit Apek @ Cheras

Went here on 5th July, now only post. So lazy.

This place is in Cheras near Persiaran Awana and the entrance to the trail is at the end of Jalan Awana 25. (I think la) There is another trail that does not lead to this waterfall. Also known as Bukit Saga. There is apparently a Gunung Datuk but that is at Seremban somewhere. Dont confuse them.

It was a 1 hour + hike to the falls. It was a nice trek not too hard or too easy. But the waterfall isnt that nice. Very small and quite low.

Attaining enlightenment.


Gromit said...

sin sang, you didnt mentioned who is ur partner oh??

nice or not?
you like natural?

und3r_taker said...

Wat partner? colleagues lo

Yea sure like nature more la..everyday sit office see monitor wanna vomit liao