Sunday, April 20, 2014

[Food] Grand Shanghai Food Theme Park @ Setia Walk

Beautifully decorated, the Grand Shanghai was a really awesome place to visit. It was a joy walking around in this beautiful replica of old Shanghai streets. A very photo friendly place. They even have costumes for rent so you can take pics. Cool.

We eventually settled for this shop below. Even the waiters were dressed in costumes!

Food thankfully was also good. Simple, delicious and healthy Chinese food. Noodles were served in a lotus root and peanut soup. The watercress soup was nice and flavorful.

Simply soup noodle with brinjal in minced meat.

Watercress soup. Good and flavorful

As we continued wandering around this wonderful world of Shanghai we had some interesting snacks. Taste-wise though they were not great.

Giant squid! Just novelty. Taste bla.
 Kindori ice cream stall had a queue and so we gave it a try. Decent but nothing to shout about. Maybe it was the nice way the ice creams were presented? They has ice-cream biscuits, lollys, cakes. We only had the biscuit.

Level 4 of the "Mall building" part of Setia Walk, Puchong.

Mon - Sun: 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm  

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