Monday, May 26, 2014

[Hiking] Chilling Falls @ KKB

Chiling Falls

Chiling Falls! In my opinion the nicest falls in Selangor. I have been here several times but it had been more than a year since I last came here. I remembered that once I had taken a wrong path and went uphill to nowhere. I had to backtrack and take the right path. The path should always be along the river. This time I was paranoid that I would take the wrong path again. So when the path started to go upwards I thought that I had missed a river crossing and backtracked to see if I was suppose to cross the river. You can see the backtracking in the EveryTrail video above.

Anyway, Chiling falls is a nice lovely hike. When you arrive and park your car by the entrance, it is a 5 min walk to the campsite. Here you will need to register yourselves and any disposable rubbish that you have. There is a RM1 entrance fee and a deposit for any rubbish you might have. You can get back the deposit when you return with all you rubbish with you. I think it is a nice try to stop people from throwing rubbish everywhere, but irresponsible and uneducated people will not abide by these rules anyway.

The hike itself is an interesting one, there will be 6 river crossings before you will arrive at the bottom falls. The 1st crossing is a nice bridge right after the camp site. The 2nd crossing on the other hand, is quite a worrying distance away. So if you do go, don't worry that you don't see the 2nd crossing for some time. It is about 30~45 mins away with a clear signboard.

Chiling falls is a tall gorgeous falls and you can jump off the rocks into a deep pool. Unfortunately, there were a LOT of bees around the pool area. I had not experienced this on my previous trips. Sadly I think it is due to the amount of rubbish thrown around by uneducated people. :(
The bees are very annoying and when they get trapped, in my case in the plastic bag I was holding in my hand, they will sting you. And it hurts! My finger started to swell but thankfully by the time we got back to the campsite the swelling had already gone down. Definitely worrying if you have any allergic reaction to bees.

If you want to, you can actually continue hiking, the path will lead to a rather treacherous cliff-side hike and you will end up at the mid falls. I have only been there once many years ago, I remember it being very secluded with a very tall falls, big pool and jaw dropping view of the lower falls.

Total Hike Duration : ~ 1.5hours one way.

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