Tuesday, January 3, 2017

[Travel] 5D4N to Hanoi - DAY 2

Ha Long Bay Cruise
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We took a day cruise to Ha Long Bay. The trip from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay was about 3 to 4 hours. So pretty much most of the day is already gone travelling.
We were picked up around 8am from our hotel and we arrived for lunch at about 12pm. In between we had a short stop at a souvenir store. No pushy sales people here so don't worry. Guide was friendly, tipping not required.

The boat was like a restaurant with tables and chairs for dining. The food was simple. Nothing worth mentioning.
Overall the cruise was a pleasant one. The views of limestone hills in the sea was great. Somehow it just looks to me like Ipoh if it was flooded with water.

We stopped for a 30min kayak session. Around the kayak area was a floating village Basically just people staying on boats. I do wonder how they go to the toilet. Do they go directly to sea? Will I see floaters around while kayaking? Anyway it wasn't a full blown village, as most have already relocated.
The kayaking area is nice. As we pass through the limestone tunnels, we emerge in a beautiful lagoon surrounded by limestone hills. The guide mentioned a James Bond movie was filmed here. I liked the kayak session, however it does feel a bit rushed as I prefer to just relax and take my time being in nature.

Next the cruise brought us to a cave. I don't really like caves. All we do is go in the cave then the guide tells you what some formations look like. Elephants, jellyfish etc. To me it really likes staring clouds and imagining shapes. Is it really that amazing? I can make some shit up as well.

New Day Restaurant

Website : http://newdayrestaurant.com/

Holy crap, the amount of vege they put on the noodles is insane. Taste wise it's pretty good. Not amazing. Tastes like noodles cooked in oyster sauce.

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