Monday, September 3, 2007

Baboon Backside Face

The night started out just like any night...except for the part where Sze Zan had to wait for 2 hours (so very very sorry). We had korean BBQ at a restoran in hartamas. Guess wats the name?
Korea BBQ Restoran.
wat? i already told you the name
Korea BBQ IS the name. dam lazy ppl. Name oso malas think.

How to get there? How the hell i not from KL. I Penang-lang ma.
And here's the lavish spread. One beef set for 2 and one family set for 2~3. Total RM220+ for 7 ppl.

Stuff u can reload for free

Horrible vege "kow"

Horrible high vege concentration Rice

mmm..beef. Wonderful beef


Korean Food ok la. But not very my style...all the vege-ness sien lo.

Anyway...after that we ma go Jazz Fest at Mont Kiara lo. There we ordered a bucket of Heineken. I drink 1 bottle. 1 Bottle only ladies and gentlemen....kie liao. The nightmare begins. The curse of the Red Chinese.

"Hey look at baboon-backside-face Cheng"
"WTF, so fast red. U guy or girl?!"
"1 Bottle only la. Whats wrong wif u? B a man"

sedihnya.....I can bench press 80kg* but i cant tahan1 bottle of Heineken. 1 Bottle saja merah merah liao.
Y? Y? Habis kemaluan. AAAAAAA!!!
* bench press numbers might b exaggerated

What to do? Can train meh? not like its 50 cents per can. Mana ada duit always drink. Dun like the taste summore. Alcohol is truly the devil's drink. Tsk tsk

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Pek Koon said...

poor koko...i teman u drink nxt time u mali kl ya :p
s if ive $$$ lar. not even amateur in booz oso