Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sandakan Trip (May 18 - 21) Part 1

We start of with part 1 of the eagerly anticipated Sandakan Journeys. The most amazing experience i had in Sandakan is.....


This wonderful bah kut teh made the whole trip worth while.

Look at this :

The seafood in Sandakan is really really fresh. It seemed to me that every prawn in Sandakan was big ,fat and succulent. The bah kut teh in Sandakan was very peppery. But what made it so great was the individuality of each bah kut teh. Each of the bah kut teh has absorbed the taste of it's main ingredient. The result is distinct heavenly taste for each and every bah kut teh.

For example my favourite Prawn Bah Kut Teh

This soup...WOW! The flavorful peppery soup had already captured
the taste of the prawns. Each spoonful of prawn soup
was an explosion of psychedelic prawny heaven.

Well here's another one. The fish bah kut teh.

The one on the left...is the classic bak.
The one on the right is just meat ball...nth special here

I can confidently say, Sandakan is where i found the best seafood i've had in my LIFE!
Eating this seafood bah kut teh has left an indelible mark in my gastronomic journeys.

Deserving of the legendary 5 out of 5


Pek Koon said...

happy heh swimming in the sea...
bak and teh??? hmm, somehw doesn't seem rite :p

confession of a non-bak kut teh fan

joyce said...

keji..go Sandakan din ajak!