Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Heh Bee and the Lobster

They say women love decisive men.
I say if a man can decide easily for u, he's a player.

If he decides fast, ur just heh bee too him..cheap and easy. If he takes his time and really thinks it through, ur his lovely lobster.

For me, the less time i spend thinking , the less i care.
If u c me deciding fast, i dun give a damn.

Some ppl say, "Ur theory is screwed. I've known my BF for 7 years now. I think he decides pretty fast, does tat mean he doesnt care?"
Well, he's been thinking about u for 7 years! Of course he can decide a bit faster.

But i honestly think if ur NEW bf can decide a gift for u in no time at all...he doesnt care. At all.
I dun think guys like heh bee easy women...if a girl doesnt make me think hard how to please her..ermm..im not so interested.

Hmm...but then again, if i cared less then i'd b more decisive. And women like decisive.

*note to self : go get "How To Not Care Too Much And Start Being A Man for Dummies"



K.P. said...

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joyce said...

U sure this theory usable?