Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pavillion at Bukit Bintang

Woah this place ar....filthy rich bastards go wan
Siao eh...everyone walking around empty handed.
All boh lui shopping.

Yo! Sushi
So in this filthy rich bastard's mall we went to try the Yo! Sushi restoran
walaueh..also kie siao price.
Cheapest plate rm3 most mahal rm16

The very blur blur photo of the plate prices

Those cheap cheap sushi RM3 lo. But those tat look nice n u wanna eat RM5 or 8 like tat.
The RM3 cheap sushi

The nicer sushi that i want to eat but my meager income can only afford 1 plate

Delicious seafood yakisoba. Rm14 oh

Firecracker Fried Rice..sweet n sour-ish...not my fancied taste

Luckily i not hungry tat day. If not...chiak sai
But a plus is the miso soup (RM5) and green tea(lupa..RM3 kua) has unlimited refill.

My Lunch : SoftShell Crab

J & Co Donuts
Well, at least there was a really nice donut shop there called J & Co. Wah the line long giler. When it was my turn, hafto wait (again!) patiently for the staff to replenish the stock of nicer donuts. But it was worth the wait. The donuts were really nice.

Donut heaven

This donut wasn't filling and is easy to eat. The dough is lighter and not as thick which makes every bite flavorful. This is unlike other breads or donuts that always has a part that feels like all your eating is plain bread.


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