Saturday, November 10, 2007

Alor Setar Trip 08 Nov 2007


Special Alor Setar kai si mee. The sauce is not black like wan tan mee, but a simple clear sauce. Probably prepared with just salt and fried onion. Simple yet delicious.


Nothing special, just ordered dishes. The only thing worth mentioning is this plate of shark in the plate below. Novel, but not especially delicious.

Afternoon Activities

Mahathir's Birth Place

Menara Alor Setar

Sumting Garden

A nice garden with many things on display. Stone carvings, wood sculptures, rocks and various animals. With wild running mountain goats as well!

Oh come on... surely you can guess this island!

Woah..can make giant handbag with this

Can eat this drumstick syok lo


For dinner, we had seafood at Kuala Perlis.

The small signboard that took us half an hour to find


Ah..the ever present sotong goreng

Black Pepper Lai Liu Ha

The not so "Kam Heong" Kam Heong Crab

The seafood i have to say is nothing spectacular. In my opinion Bukit Tambun seafood tastes better. Not worth the trip. Also the crab meat irritatingly sticks to the shell making it unpleasant to extract.

But oh well, it was a nice little one day outing to Alor Setar. Oh and Kuala Perlis and Bukit Kayu Hitam. And what a really pleasant surprise to get "Da Hong Pao" tea from Doe's mum. Thank you aunty!


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