Sunday, November 4, 2007

Circling Penang Island

Stop 1

Titi Kerawang Waterfall

1st we set off from Bayan Lepas, through Balik Pulau and end up here in Titi Kerawang

The sign board stole the limelight

Mmmm....relaxing waterfall. Water sejuk sejuk...syok.

Woohooo sliding down the rocks. Shud haf take video :P

Oooooh...What a rush!

Gaya. Mutu. Keunggulan.

Stop 2

Teluk Bahang Dam

Reach here too late liao. Nothing to see.

Stop 3

End Of The World Restaurant

Seafood..glorious cholesterol laden seafood!!!

The ubiquitous sotong goreng

Rm 50 sumting "Tau Tey"

Woohoo...curry Crab

Ah...fav "kong"

Wah lau eh... perfect peeled "kong". Best.

To be able to peel the claws perfectly as the pic above, the crab meat must not stick to the shell. I've eaten some crabs that have their meat stuck to the shell making crab eating a teeth gritting, hair pulling, stress inducing activity.

Stop 4

Batu Feringgi DVD

Beli justice Pao DVD for mummy only.

Stop 5

Supper at Subaidah near Gurney

Just because i want drink Teh Peng.

- The End -


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