Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cheap Crab @ Tak Fok Restoran, Aman Puri !!

Drive terus till the end of LDP. Remember to keep left after toll. Go on straight till you cant go straight anymore, turn left at the traffic light.

Then you will see a shell and McD on your left. Go on straight at the next traffic light you will passby a shop house area on your left. Tak Fok restoran is NOT at the 1st shop house area, it is at the next one.

RM18 per kg of crab! Ching!!! So cheap! There is a catch though, for every kg of crab you need to order a side dish :(
But overall it is still cheap. We ordered 4kg of crab, taufu, vege, sotong ,fried rice and mantou came up to around RM192. Pretty good i have to say. 1kg is about 3 mid sized crabs.

The most famous flavor would be the salted egg crabs. Can really taste kow kow the salted eggs. But its RM20 per kg for this one though.

We also ordered kam heong and cheese + butter crab.

Kam heong is normal la. But i really like the cheese + butter crab...syok..but messy la. Dip with the mantou memang sedappp.


ah^doe said...

it's been long since u had intro for great food....

seem so damn delicious and real cheap....

und3r_taker said...

Hoho actually got many but i lazy

Gromit said...

RM18 per kg of crab.

the restaurant still exist?
i never been there during study nearby there?

lei hou yeah, never ask me go together. forget me this brother loh :(

aiks,,,,,KL kia is like that one...aikssssssssss

und3r_taker said...

Lei hou yeh... Triang city boy also dunno.
I from penang kampung also can find. Kek sei ngo