Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hokkien Char @ Restoran Ahwa, Jalan 222


If your heading towards KL, turn left right after the car showrooms on Federal Highway. The turn before Asia Jaya .
If you go straight after the turn at the traffic light you will see a Shell station on your right. Turn right at the traffic light and you will see Ahwa Restoran. Its a corner shop.

Hokkien mee at Ahwa restoran Jalan 222. 1 Plate for 2 person RM12 man...kanasai mahal.
But the hokkien mee is really nice. Very flavorful and aromatic. It is abit salty but still acceptable to me. But the best part is the sambal. Fuuh syok. The hokkien mee is nice but when you put the sambal wah lau...superb.

The ee mee normal only lo...nuthin to shout about but i dun mind ordering it. Overall a syok place for hokkien mee, would sure love to come back here again.


ah^doe said...

really that nice?

eh, where is your ads?

und3r_taker said...

Nice lo.
Come KL we go eat.

No ads adi wor..kena ban.
Now non profit organization

Gromit said...

why so long didnt upload ur blog??


i want go KL for eat, bring me can ah?

und3r_taker said...

Sin sang
lazy update lo
eat too many
din take much pics.

Lai..we go eat