Sunday, February 22, 2009

CNY Mission : Meet Heng Tais In Penang

29 Jan

My return to Penang started with a trip to Teluk Tempoyak. Beautiful place for some fresh malay ikan bakar. It's a small food court by the sea that has this simple pier that stretches out into the sea.

And of course also got chance to do some posing.

30 Jan

The next morning I took a long 3 hour hike up to Penang Hill from moongate. Wah damn tiring.But when I finally reached the top, it was worth it. Just enjoying the view, relaxing reading a book while enjoying the cool highland breeze.

Halfway rest stop

Overall it was a nice day. Of course no day is complete without some wonderful food. Koay chiap and some tomyam oh chien.

31 Jan

Today is zhi mui day. Spend whole day with zhi muis go see houses. See Oo Oo house, see show house, see Oo Oo fren house, see tan tan house and see tan tan sister house. Then finally yam cha wif tailou, heah heah n tan tan.

Finally at the end of the day get to meet all heng tais. CNY mission complete!


Adrian Yong [文来] said...

the posing look yummy...

小虾 said...

i look back ur previous post....really delicious when look at ur photo...walao...

joyce said...

Hey, where's the Kek Lok Si pictures?