Sunday, December 28, 2008

F-Secure Teambuilding 2008 @ Avillion, PD

This post is 1 month too late.
Lazy la mau post. This is the 1st teambuilding i've ever had, because my prev company sux!

Thats the room

Outside view


Hawaiian Theme Night

Oh My!! Thats my boss in coconut bra!


Hoho...syoknya teambuilding. But they say this one not so syok oh, last year wan more syok. For me better alot then my lame ass prev company! Woohoo!!


ah^doe said...

checked the date, it has been two months ++ u never update here....

seem fun, nice hotel, nice view, and what a nice BRA....haha

your ex-company real sux... hehe

Gromit said...

sin sang, your ex-company really sucks

i just know i'm very pity....
nei hou yeah

und3r_taker said...

Haha all also say my ex-company sux meh.

Lei hou yeh

joyce said...

Ur previous company sux lar... :)
How can no teambuilding wan. :P