Friday, August 26, 2016

[Travel] A Quick Trip Down To Malacca

Got a free stay from a friend at Swiss-Garden Residences Malacca, so we took the opportunity to go for a quick 2D1N trip. Itinerary and estimates below :

BrunchPuchong Yong TaufuJuat Lye
- Yee Kiao Mee
- Prawn Mee
- Toast
Head to MalaccaEnjoy hotel facilities
Stop at Freeport A'Famosa Outlet stores
LunchUnicorn Cafe
- Babi pongteh
- Nyonya laksa
- Paitee
- Durian cendol
Ming Huat Restaurant
- Mee Kahwin
- Nasi Lemak
TeaBacklane Coffee
Check in to Swiss-Garden Residences MalaccaKlebang beach
DinnerBan Lee Siang Satay CelupLucky Famous Restaurant
- Duck noodles
- Loh duck
- Fried Pork Balls
- Spring Chicken
DrinksSky GardenHead home


Started the day a little late, headed to Puchong for Yong Tau Fu brunch. Our favorite place for Yong Tau Fu. Unfortunately it was closed on Monday so we went to the one nearby. 

Then off we go to Malacca! 
We first stopped at the Freeport A'Famosa Outlet. Decent amount of stores here, Nike, Adidas, Under Armour. After a couple of hours, we are back on the road to Malacca.

Next stop, Lunch!
We tried a cozy little cafe called Unicorn cafe. Apparently they serve nice Malacca Nyonya food.

Nyonya Laksa - Did not like it, the aroma of spices is nice but unfortunately seasoning seems a bit off, tasted bland.

Babi Pongteh - Pretty nice, but I'm not really a fan of Pongteh.

Pai tees - Awesome crunchy little cups of goodness. Loved it!

Durian Cendol - Heard durian and had to order, but forgot that unfortunately Malacca cendol is not my cup of tea.
Pales in comparison to Penang's, just a ball of ice with gula Melaka and durian puree on top.
All in all a pretty good cafe with affordable prices. Would love to come back for more Pai tees. To note, I am in general not a fan of Malacca Nyonya food.

Unicorn Cafe
Google Map :

Opening Hours : 
  1030 - 1630
Closed Thursday

Rating : 3 STAR

Next we headed to Swiss Garden Hotel and Residences. This was a hotel, rentable apartments, residences and a mall all rolled into one. We did not stay at the hotel, but the I think rentable apartments tower. Nice room design and right beside the Malacca river. However it is a very high density accommodation, even on a non-peak weekday the 4 lifts serving 40 floors seems severely inadequate. 

One of those useless see through showers, makes it not cool to come with friends and family.

After lazing in the room for a few hours, we headed to perennial favorite, Ban Lee Siang Satay Celup. Interestingly along the same road there was another shop with the exact same name, I think it's a branch.Simple ingredients cooked in an unctuous peanut satay sauce. A Malaccan specialty worth a visit when your in town.

Ban Lee Siang Satay Celup
Google Map :

Opening Hours : 
Daily 1600 –1230

Rating : 4 STAR

After dinner we went for drinks at Sky Garden located in Swiss Garden Hotel block.
Awesome view and wonderful breeze, what better way to end the night.
I think you can also order food from the room service menu but we were not hungry. Drinks should set you back about RM20 per drink.

Sky Garden @ Swiss Garden Malacca
Google Map :

Opening Hours : 
1700 - 0100
1700 - 2400


Next morning we headed to Juat Lye restaurant which is a bit off the normal tourist areas.
We were hoping to find a hidden gem but it is just disappointing normal food.
Yee Kiao mee was new to me but it's just some boring dry style noodles. Prawn mee is nice if you have never ever tasted Penang's. Toast is good, comes with real butter.

Juat Lye Restaurant
Google Map :

Opening Hours : 
0730 – 1430 (Closed on Mondays)

Rating : 2 STAR

We then headed back to the hotel to enjoy the cool facilities. You can also borrow a basketball from the counter for a quick game.

Now lunch was much better. We went for Mee Kahwin which is Mee Rebus + Rojak. 
Awesome dish, beautiful potato-ish sauce, slight sour, slight spicy and nice pieces of cucur. RM4.50 per plate, well worth it. The nasi lemak here is also nice, fragrant rice and spicy sambal.

Mee Kahwin
Simple Nasi Lemak

Ming Huat Restaurant
Google Map :

Opening Hours : 
0930 - 1500 (Closed on Friday)

Rating : 4 STAR

So after a good lunch it's time to just do nothing. So we headed to Backlane coffee to relax and play Cluedo. Coffee was good, nothing to shout about, cafe design is very nice and very comfy.

Backlane Coffee
Google Map :

Opening Hours : 
Sun-Thu 1100-2400
Fri- Sat 1100-0100

Rating : 3 STAR

Since it was still a little early for dinner, we headed to Klebang beach. They have interestingly some old buses which have been converted for use by the booth operators. Really interesting, even the public toilet is a bus. Unfortunately the booth operators did not capitalize on this unique concept and the buses seem to be only used as storage or their personal resting place. So sad, considering it could have been better used to attract more people here.
The beach is nice and wide, not the I-can't-wait-to-jump-into-the-water kind but more of a let-me-just-sit-at-the-beach-eat-keropok-and-enjoy-the-breeze kind.
There seems to be some new developments going on around the beach, plenty of new shop lots and some kinda theme park near the submarine museum. 

For our final stop in Malacca we went to Lucky Famous restaurant. They serve duck noodles and all the loh stuff. Taste-wise pretty standard, just ok. The fried pork balls were nice. Spring chicken is crispy but dry. Overall not something I would purposely come for when in Malacca next time. First choice for dinner is still Tong Sheng and their amazing cheese prawn bihun.

Spring Chicken and Fried Pork Balls

Loh Duck

Lucky Famous Restaurant
Google Map :

Opening Hours : 
(Closed Monday)

Rating : 3 STAR

And that's the end of a quick but wonderful and relaxing trip.
Now to head back home and dream of the next trip :) 

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