Friday, July 15, 2016

[Cook] Shibuya Toast



Bread1 loaf uncut
Butter3 tbsp
Sugar2 tsp
Honeyas needed


- Cut approximately 2 inch thick slice of bread. 
- Divide it into 9 cubes, cut almost till the end. The end result is 9 bread cubes just barely attached to each other.
- Melt butter using double boil method. ( put butter into bowl and place the bowl on top of boiling water. Indirect heating method often used in melting chocolate.)
- Add in sugar and stir well to combine. Add honey to taste
- Place cubed bread slice on oven safe plate/tray.
- Pour butter mixture over bread. Pour enough to coat top of bread. It might be too overpowering if you put all the mixture.
- Place into oven and toast at 180 degrees for 5 mins or until nicely browned.
- Remove from oven and top with desired toppings. (here I used ice-cream and palm sugar syrup.)

End result is a quick and easy dessert. Toast is nice and cruncy with sweet and wonderful caramelized surface. Cold soft ice-cream fits perfectly well with the crunchy hot toast.

An alternate way to cube the bread is to cut of the top, then cut the INSIDE of the loaf into cubes leaving the crust making a simple bread bowl. The cubed insides of the bread is then mixed with the butter and toast both the crust and cubes in the oven.
When removed from the oven simply toss all the cubes back in the bowl and add topping. This is just another way to present it.


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