Saturday, June 9, 2007

Cempakaria Thai Food

Telur bungkus, seafood tomyam, kangkung and chicken.
6 rice,4 drinks
4 ppl.
come to about rm50++.

The place is very secluded, along Jalan Datuk Koyah same row as Kayu. Can turn in from penang road (after Odeon if u follow the one way road) The tomyam was nice, if u like it sour then this is the tomyam for u. I think the tomyam wud haf been much redder but we ordered it less spicy so the colour is more clear. The telur bungkus was also very egg omelette with 'chap' and meat inside. The kangkung to me was just normal and lastly the chicken-sumting was also good with nice 'chap'. Syok.

Authentic homecook Thai food by real Thais
4.5 of 5 stars

(note to self : improve pic quality pls)

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