Monday, June 11, 2007

What do women want?

What do women want? After all these years im still single. What is wrong with me? Is it me? Is it them? Is it something i do or didnt do? hmmm...

Well i admit i have been too shy to talk to women all the way till 2nd year of uni. Maybe i worship them a bit too much..tee hee. But ever since then it feels as if the women around me are those that are already taken. I mean my 1st love already had a bf. Sigh...we had some great, memorable moments. Has fate decided that i shall forever be surrounded by women that belong to others?

To see but to never hold
To miss but to never kiss
To love but to never be loved back

Or maybe its just my lifestyle..maybe if i changed that. i mean how am i suppose to meet new ppl? Im not christian i dun go church n do all that gathering singing stuff. I dun go clubbing. I dun mix wif strangers easily. yea.. mebee i shud change that. Try to b more friendly to ppl i dun really know. (ok note to that) Gonna b pretty tough, i can get rather moody.

But i do wonder what women look for in men..ive seen uglier, fatter, dumber, rude assholes , bastards ,gayish-looking and amazingly shorter guys getting chicks. If it isn't an obvious quality it must be the attitude or personality...hmm....some ppl get away wif being assholes so being nice and polite is out. Hmm.. what is it? Dominant and confident? Probably.. or maybe i just haf this aura of desperation. Or mebee i haf the worst timing in the world. hmm... I wonder how those 'spanar' ppl do it..i alwiz found it distasteful. But that might just be my one and only option.

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