Saturday, June 9, 2007


RM30++ for a set dinner

Appetizer : bread and butter , shrimp and salmon salad

Soup : asparagus

Main course : grilled ribeye steak

Dessert : Tea, ice cream and hazelnut cake

Location : Inside Continental hotel, on upper pg road near SS

French cuisine with its small portions is a delightful change of palate from my usual "straight to main course" ways. Separating the meal into several courses allowed me to better enjoy my food. It was a nice change from normal routine. The dishes are well presented,the appetizer was nice, the salmon and shrimp tasted fresh..the salad..well no comment, im no salad fan after all.

I was a little apprehensive with the asparagus soup but it tastes really nice. Now for the main course, the steak was delightful. I ordered it medium done, and it was great .. cooked outer layer with pinkish red meat center. Tender and juicy, perfect. The mash potato at the side also tastes very nice...and is shaped unlike any mash potato i ever had b4. Kinda like benjo egg only tat its mash potato.

Nice place, definitely wud luv to go back again. Can go dating there.
Location : in Continental hotel, along Penang Road. Opposite the clubbing area there

I did not give 5 stars because its not a revolutionary explosion of taste, but it is a nice restaurant with good food and good price.
4.5 out of 5

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