Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Beef Koay Teow @ Lebuh Pantai

Mmm...beef. Wonderful beef. Penang, heaven of food, is not known for many beefy dishes. One that i know of is this beef koay teow soup.

Woah..really syok. Nice beef soup, a little sweet, but otherwise just wonderful. Not as thick as beef stew, but not too light that u cant taste the beefy-ness. Alot like koay chiap but with beef.
Many weird organs as well.

Tak tau apa bulu ni. Wrinkled wan. Ketiak ar?

Strong beef flavor like oxtail. Tendons mebee?

Some kinda soft horrible tasting thingie.

The beef balls were also quite nice. Overall it was a really nice meal. One big bowl costs RM8 (fuuh), small one is RM7. But since its my first time eating beef koay teow soup, dun know if this is very good or just ok. But i like i give it

4 out of 5


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