Tuesday, January 1, 2008


In a blink of an eye 2007 is over. Last year's resolution is still unaccomplished. Sigh...still single. Perhaps the new year will bring more exciting changes to my life. Well i guess the greatest accomplishment of 2007 would be the creation of this blog. Now i can write my resolutions for 2008 here, and if i forget it will remind me.

1. Get GF
Now this resolution has been left unaccomplished for far too many years. This year i better start taking chances and maybe shake up my attitudes abit. Is there a chronic fear of commitment or rejection lying somewhere deep within me? Is something wrong with me?

2. Get COOL New Job
Now this resolution seems to be running along fine. There might even be significant breakthroughs in the very very near future. ;)

3. Learn The Fine Art Of Italian Cooking
Italian food has always been one of my favourite cuisines. I wanna be able to cook a nice Italian dish that no noob-amateur-nobody can just cook by following easy simple recipes.

4. More Social and Confident
Sometimes I feel that i'm not totally comfortable being myself infront of ppl I don't really know. I guess its like theres something inside me that isnt so sure of myself. I need to change this, and allow my opinions to verbally flow freely. To assert myself when needed, and for me myself to truly belief what a great person I am.

5. Regain My Loss Gym Powers
WTH man?! The legendary Gym Director reduced to a fat soft faggot at the end of 2007?
Come On! Regain thy lost passion! Return to thy former Spartan glory!


joyce said...

Faster get a gf larr....... =P

LC said...

Don't go gym ... will get shorter