Sunday, February 24, 2008

Byebye Penang - Day 2

Journey To The South

Balik Pulau Siam Laksa

I started out in the late afternoon, 1st destination, Balik Pulau Siam Laksa.
It did not disappoint. This lemak version of asam laksa is a nice and refreshing change from the usual asam kind.

Elusive Balik Pulau Pao

This famous pao is hard to find. It is sold on a truck that travels along a road in balik pulau. SO i had to ask around town before i could find this guy.

The paos are well...not as nice as i thought it would be. Seeing as how difficult it is to look for it, i had high expectations. But..turns out so-so only ler.

Brown Sugar Pao

Tai Pao

Titi Kerawang Waterfall

The trip to this waterfall was a disappointing one. The waterfall has all dried up, whether this is permanent or seasonal i do not know.
Kanasai..dunno which kurang ajar ppl dirty the place

Salwa Mee Udang

But bcuz of the disappointing waterfall, I decided to explore Teluk Kumbar. So i ended up here at Salwa Mee Udang. And the view was spectacular. With a backdrop of a quaint fishing village and a long long pier the environment is amazing.

The food on the other RM12 for a plate of mee udang wif about 5 big big prawns.

But the prawns taste like they keep it in the toilet bowl and feed it shit. Come bring ppl u hate here. Its almost like making them eat shit.

Hai Boey Seafood

Dinner was at a place with an equally nice view near Gertak Sanggol.The food was delicious.
Lai liu ha kung pow style..the ha is not overpowered by the sauce. You can still taste that fresh lai liu ha flavor.

The Tung Por Yok is my first time eating this and it was great. It comes with mantous that you dip in the sauce and eat with the meat.

The steamfish is their signature dish, cooked in claypot. Its good that it doesnt have that fishy soily taste.

The crab was also pretty special, butter thai flavor. 1st time trying oso. Tis place is definitely very nice, nice view and has a very nice unique menu. Not so typical and boring.

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