Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Simple Bliss

This day would have been like any other day. But the outcome of your day is determined by the company you keep. And because of that, today felt special for me. It is not often that i get a day like this. It was not as if something happened, but it was enough for me that we got to spend the day together alone. Oh what a simple man I am, a simple bliss from a simple act. We had lunch, we had dinner and we just walked around.

Well the day ended with this wonderful dinner at L.J. Cafe in Prangin Mall. What I had is the Sirloin steak and French onion soup. Steak is OK la..biasa la. Soup syok lo.

The broccoli soup( eeew! ) no comment. Teriyaki Chicken, well i dun like sweet meat.

But aaah.....what a wonderful day :))

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