Saturday, February 23, 2008

Byebye Penang - Day 1

Day 1 started with a simple lunch at Sri Weld Foodcourt. This foodcourt is most famous for 2 items : The beef koay teow and the nasi lemak.

I've reviewed this beef koay teow before when i visited the branch infront of the Bomba. This one felt to me less tasty as the 1st. If i wanted beef koay teow i think i'd rather go back there.

As for the nasi was excellent. For just RM1.20 i got this delicious spicy nasi lemak. Definitely worth every cent.


1.2nd Hand Books @ ChowRhasta Market Chowrhasta bazaar 2nd hand book store. Burn RM60 here for 3 books. Hopefully I'll find the time to read them.

2.Cendol @ Lebuh Keng Kwee Cendol, no not a big fan of cendol.

3.Kek Seng @ Penang Road Kek seng ice cream....mmmmm...sedap. Kek Seng is most famous for its homemade ice creams, especially the durian ice cream. Its not in season now so...not available. *sigh* Makan jagung wan only.

4. Chocolate Boutique @ Lebuh Leith Wandering around aimlessly not knowing wat to do. I ended up the Chocolate boutique at Lebuh Leith. Not a good idea...i used up rm200+ on chocolates!!! Nooooooooo!!!
Not good for a man unemployed for half a month.

It's hard to resist the temptation as a friendly guide takes me to room after room of chocolates. Letting me sample each and every one. Got creamy la..fruity la..durian la...CHILLI oso got?! kanasai. How to dun buy?

Passby Cheong Fatt Tze mansion oso. RM12 to see some long dead rich fella's house..siao meh. Malas go in.

That day dam hot...tengah jalan got ppl terus bathe

Dinner was the most pleasant surprise I had this whole day. Under the advice of my beautiful jiejie, I went to eat at this shop in Air Itam. It's beside the Nissan show room along Jalan Air Itam. I forget the name but it's NOT Bee Hooi.

I ordered the fish beehoon like Jiejie recommended. It was Superb!! the soup rich with fish flavor, the deep fried fish cutlets fresh and juicy. Very nice. I like. But then..suddenly sumting caught my eye. Holy Crap!!! HEAH CHIEN!!! HEAHHHH CHIENNNN!!!!!!!!

Ho jiak giler!! mai siao siao!!!


Since I'm mostly concerned only with the food in Penang, i never really toured Penang. So, I took this chance to visit Kek Lok Si. This is my very 1st time here during CNY. I did not know it looked so beautiful during CNY nights. Wow.

But of course,the most memorable thing today is my fav Heah Chien.

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