Tuesday, December 29, 2015

[Cook] Prawn Spaghetti

An awesome spaghetti with gorgeous prawn flavours and a kick from cili padi.

Cherry Tomatoes250g
Onion1 bulb
Garlic5 cloves
Cili Padi8

- Cook
spaghetti till al-dente, set aside some pasta water for later. 
(you can time it so spaghetti is cooked in parallel with the steps below)
- Add a generous amount of olive oil, about 6 tbsp.
- Fry garlic and onion until brown.
- Add cili padi and cherry tomatoes and fry for a minute.

* For the cili padi I simply cut off the top and added them whole. This allows me to easily pick them out later
- Add prawns and fry until just turned red.
- Throw in chicken stock and cover pan to allow it to steam and retain all the wonderful prawn juices. 

- After 3 mins throw in the spaghetti and a bit of pasta water.
- Toss everything together and season as needed. 

- Turn off heat and chop up and add the fresh parsley

This has definitely become one of my favourite recipes!
The pasta captured the wonderful flavors of the prawns and I think will work well with any shelled seafood (lala, crabs etc)

*** These are cooking notes/experiments and are not perfect recipes.

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