Sunday, December 13, 2015

[Cook] Szechuan Vegetable Soup

I have recently been craving for a good bowl of soup. A nice flavor-packed-slurp-down-till-the-last-drop soup. Browsing online I bumped into a nice tomyam recipe. Gonna save this for later.

But this time I have decided to go for a pork based soup with my favourite Szechuan preserved vege. 
Didn't really find any interesting recipes of the net so I have decided to just wing it.
Definite must haves are the pork bones and Szechuan preserved vege.
Inspired by the tomyam recipe, I decided to add in mushrooms and chillies.
Of course a smattering of Chinese wolfberries to make it "healthy".

Pork bones476g
Szechuan vege2 balls(?) about the size of a tennis ball
Enoki Mushroomsas you like
Straw Mushroomsas you like
Baby spinachas you like
Taufuas you like
Goji Wolfberryas you like

- Boil pork bones in a pot for about half an hour. Dump the water.
- Move pork bones to slow cooker, fill with water and cook on high for 2 hours.
- Set to low and cook overnight.
- Rinse and soak Szechuan vege in bowl of water for 20mins.
- Cut and add to slow cooker. Add a couple of cili padi. Cook for another hour.
- Taste soup, adjust as necessary ( add salt etc).
- When soup is ok throw in any added ingredients. Mushrooms, spinach and tofu for me.
- Wonderful soup is ready!

Overall nice soup. Pork taste wasn't as strong as I'd like.

*** These are cooking notes/experiments and are not perfect recipes.

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