Tuesday, March 22, 2016

[Books] Total Recall - The Life of Arnie

It's amazing what some people can achieve. He was the most muscular man in the world at the tender age of 23, when he won the Mr Olympia in 1970. For most people this would already be an accomplishment of a lifetime. What was most amazing was he did not just continue to accomplish more in his field of muscle and fitness, instead he took on entirely new challenges. He became a Hollywood superstar and insanely became the governor of California, The Governator. All this, while he was running a real estate business! 

His was an inspiring story, a very entertaining read. Of course his erm... personal affairs are distasteful to say the least. But the take away for me is how productive and how driven he was. What I have noticed is a lot of successful people wake up early. The Rock, a successful guy himself wakes up 4am to workout. Arnold himself wakes up early. Maybe this guy below has a point. Waking up early gives us more time with less distractions.

I probably wont be the next Governator any time soon, but what the heck, I'm gonna give waking up early a try. It's not gonna be easy for a pig like me, but hey, just like Arnold says, "Don't Be Afraid to Fail".

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