Thursday, March 31, 2016

[Cook] Shakshouka

When I first encountered a Shakshouka recipe, it piqued my interest. What an interesting dish that I have never heard of. It looks yummy and simple enough. So from the green version I first encountered combined with this Eggs in Hell recipe, I came up with my version of Shakshouka. Though it is classically cooked entirely on the stove, I'm going for the baked version.

The end result was a delicious, spicy dish. The sauce was spicy and flavorful, with a strong cumin aroma. I think could use a little bit more tomato. The spinach and mushrooms served as the core of the dish with the jalapeno and cheese providing extra awesome flavors. Eggs were sad, it seems baking eggs creates some kind of plastic like layer on the top. The eggs look nice outside but inside they were already over cooked. I had expected it to be runny. Maybe if I had not gone the bake way, the eggs would have come out much better.


Garlic3 tsp
Tomato puree2 tbsp
Paprika1 tbsp
Cayenne0.5 tsp
Cumin1 tbsp
Parmesan0.5 cup
White Button Mushroom200g


In cast iron skillet, saute onion until soft. Add in garlic and fry till brown.
Preheat oven to 175 degrees Celsius.
Add jalapeno, mushrooms, cumin, paprika and cayenne powders and fry till fragrant. Constantly stir.
Add Tomato puree and a cup of hot water (stock if any)
Add in spinach. Reduce and season till the desired consistency and taste.
Remove skillet from stove, sprinkle Parmesan and crack in eggs.
Pop skillet into oven and bake till eggs reach desired doneness. 
* I did for about 10mins which is overcooked. Probably 6 or 7 mins would have been enough.

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