Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Air Itam Bah Kut Teh and Mee Suah Kor

Bah Kut Teh and Mee Suah Kor (night)
Located on the way to Bukit Bendera from Jalan Masjid Negeri. Just before the roundabout. Right beside Maybank and opposite CIMB Bank.

So far of all the bah kut teh i've tasted in Penang, this has got to be the best. The soup is thicker and doesnt taste sweet like most of the horrible Penang style bah kut teh. Oh and it also has Oh Pui (yam rice). And the signboard says it has RABBIT meat as well!!! Must try one day.

The stall beside it has Mee Suah Kor, a type of sharksfin-ish mee suah soup with many "liau". Tastes excellent and very special.

Got nice special food, ok la the bah kut teh...Pass.
Would definitely bring friends here to try.

*will add photos later if get from Alex

4 out of 5

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