Monday, August 13, 2007

Bukit Tambun Seafood 12 Aug 2007

Prawn Village Seafood
after Bukit Tambun toll exit, turn right at the round about. Go up the flyover.
Go straight on deep inside until u see the Prawn Village sign board on your right.

Ordered Siput Duri, pomfret, Vege, sotong, prawn, lala and bihun.
Total RM116.10

Siput Duri (Chi le in hokkien)

Teknik mencungkil siput duri

Deep fried Sotong

Sedapp... The flour they use is flavored with..erm... wat i think is Kunyit.Nice.

Cheese Prawn

Fuuiyoh...ada cheese. On top of the butterflied prawns are capsicum and some chilli. Then a layer of cheese is put on top. It's different, but the taste is pretty normal.


Pek Koon said...

the "chi le" looks kinda offense but i don't think i wanna shovel it down me throat :p

und3r_taker said...

Hoho....siput wor..U dun like meh?
Got eat escargots? some italian or french snail dish.

Very sedap dan mahal

Pek Koon said...

aiyo, y waste so much $$$ to eat exotic siput babi? join fear factor only lar. thr wz an ep whr d contestants downed live slugs. slimmmmmy!