Monday, August 20, 2007

Restoran Mahabu 19 Aug 2007

Restoran Mahabu - Air Itam

From Masjid Negeri, turn left after Chung Ling. Go on straight and you will see it on your right.
Not sure where to turn in officially. Should be at the traffic lights to Sunshine. :P

Food takes quite some time to prepare. But the result is these :

Kedahsyatan Roti Tisu 786 yg Mengejutkan Extreme

Wah the 1st roti...Roti Tisu 786 looks syok oh. So syok until a little girl at the table next to ours (the cute lil girl in yellow in the pic) keep walking over to stare at it. In the end she pestered her parents until they got her a roti tisu. Hoho...

Roti Galak

Roti Ayam Kurma

This 2 roti leh..i feel not so nice. but still decoration cantik. Ayam kurma i memang dun like the taste of kurma. The other one, roti galak(apa tu?) taste like vege abit. Tak syok.

But this Roti Tisu 786.
Makan until high high like this --->

<--- Take a look at what's inside

Inside that Taj Mahal like roti Tisu is this reddish chicken murtabak-ish erm... roti?
Sedap. The roti Tisu itself leh...crumbly and sugary. RM8 oh.. but worth it.

The floor of the Roti Tisu 786

The innovative Rotis they have is a real novel way to prepare our long beloved mamak classic Roti. Reminds me of Murni SS2. Oh...and got one super RM60 roti they say can feed 10! Must TRY! wat crazy super roti monster! RM60!!!


Pek Koon said...

damn original man this roti tisu! ingat-ingat going tumbang...if wanna tapau hw ar? :p

K.P. said...

great acting my alex. hebat expression