Friday, July 8, 2016

[Eat] Yut Kee @ KL

Hainan Pork Chop

We were there on Raya morning about 10am, and the place was packed! We had to wait about 30mins to finally get a seat. However service was fast and friendly. 

Hainan Roti Babi

Roti babi was good, but the dish that I loved was the toast and pork chop. 
Pork chop was nicely cooked, sauce infused with tomato and potato was flavorful.
The toast was awesome, paired with good butter and the awesome homemade Kaya. Could definitely eat this everyday. 

Toast with homemade Kaya

Hailam mee and beef noodle was really just normal. These are not worth ordering.

Hailam mee

Beef noodle

Overall a very nice place but expect to queue to get in. However once you are in, food will be ready very fast.

Google Map :

Opening Hours : Tue-Sun: 7:30 am - 4:30 pm

Rating : 4 STAR

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